Karolan Korpomodifo

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Karolan Korpomodifo

  • Do you need to visit a massage therapist because you are feeling pain?
  • Is your joints’ motion limited?
  • Do you need a preventive soft-tissue treatment to keep your muscles flexible and in peak condition?

If your answer is YES, Korpomodifo is the right place for you!


Valtakatu 5
94100 Kemi, Finland


+358 40 739 3493


Karolan Korpomodifon offers you a customized massage and sports instruction meeting your needs. Massage service includes fascial release, triggerpoint technique, mobilization and sports massage. If necessary you can get advice how to work out your body.

Hieronta urheilijoille

Five reasons why you should book my massage

Whereas massage used to be seen as a luxury, more and more research is demonstrating its health effects.

1. It moves lymph

Research has shown massage lowers blood pressure and heart rate, can lower and stabilize blood sugar and moves lymph throughout your body.

Lymph is the cleansing system of the body. It runs through vessels similar to your circulatory system, but doesn’t have a pump to move it (like the heart). So lymph is moved through your body by movement, breathing, muscle contraction and massage. The more the lymph moves through, the better your immune system, as the lymph carries away the “bad stuff.”

2. It promotes circulation

Massage helps with circulation, which is why it is so good for elderly people or those who are inactive due to injury. Massage helps move the blood and fluid around which is extraordinarily beneficial in healing. People with swollen legs and ankles like pregnant women or those with lymph edema can find relief with massage. The other benefit for the elderly is they often don’t experience touch and having a weekly massage can keep their bodies and their minds healthy.

3. Perfect after workout

When we think of massage we think of muscles as the main part of the body that massage addresses. After a hard workout, our muscles produce toxins such as lactic acid. We want to move those out of the body to avoid muscle fatigue or pain. Massage flushes those toxins, smoothes the muscle fibers and helps relax them.

4. It can increase flexibility and heal injuries

Massage techniques fascial release and trigger point massage actually help stretch out the muscles. As a visual aid, imagine you take a rubber band and pull it taut between your hands. It’s stretched out. If you have another person take one finger and push down on the middle, it stretches even more. This is essentially what massage is doing for your muscle tissue. Massage helps with muscle injuries by bringing healing blood to the area.

5. It can reduce scar tissue

Massage is also used on scar tissue. When we use our muscles we get small micro tears in the tissue. That is actually how we are building bulk. When scar tissue lays down it doesn’t lay flat like smooth muscle fiber. It lays cross-ways like fiberglass. Massage can help smooth out that tissue, keeping it healthy and more supple.

Where to find Korpomodifo?

Korpomodifo is located in Kemi: Valtakatu 5, 94100 Kemi

How to make an appointment?

Schedule your massage by clicking Varaa aika, by calling +358 40 739 3493, or send me an e-mail: info@korpomodifo.fi.


Individual Session

30-minute massage 25 €
60-minute massage 50 €
90-minute massage 74 €
120-minute massage 95 €
60-minute VoiceWell massage 55 €